This is our more advanced course designed for those interested in hitting the river. In this course, we will teach specific strokes and maneuvers needed to navigate the river efficiently and safely. Our trained staff will go over river features and obstacles that are important to be aware of. We will go over more rescue techniques that will help you in self-recovery or to help others.

River Kayaking focuses on building upon already established skills and helping students refine paddle strokes, maneuvers, and river reading skills.

We will first assess the skill level of the students and then proceed to learn strokes and maneuvers in a mild current.  We will work on forward, back and draw strokes then move on to maneuvers such as Eddy turns, Peel outs, A-beams and C-Turns.

Our instructors are ACA Level 2 Certified Instructors

We will furnish Kayak, PFD (Life Jacket), paddles and helmets.

Cost of this class: $80

Maximum 6 People per course

Length: about 6 hours

Minimum age: 16 years old with an adult accompanying them

Location: New River

If you have any questions or want to make a reservation contact us at 276-385-7474