Get Your Blood Pumpin' 

We want to offer personalized paddling instruction so that you will have better confidence when you paddle either on a river or lake.  Our trip leaders and instructors are certified through the American Canoe Association (ACA). The ACA sets the standard in training of all aspects of paddling and is the oldest organization to assess, train, and equip people to be safe on the water. 

G.O.A.L instructors will go over the paddle strokes, maneuvers and gear that you will need in order to be more proficient and safe on the water.  Time will be spent with each individual student to help hone in on the skills being taught, to make sure they are confident in their abilities. Our clients will have a choice between two courses, the Kayak Fundamentals course and River Kayaking 101 course.  Kayak Fundamentals is for the very beginner paddler which will give the student the basics needed to build a solid foundation for kayaking.  River Kayaking 101 focuses on building upon already established skills and helping students refine paddle strokes, maneuvers and river reading skills.