Intro to Fly Tying Course- This course is for beginners and those who need a refresher on fly tying. In this course, you will first learn about the fly tying tools. We will spend time teaching you how to use the whip finishing tool. You will also become familiar with the bobbin and winding thread on the hook.

Once this is mastered by everyone you will begin your first fly, the Wolly Bugger. This is a good all-around fly to use all year.   The next fly will be a Black Zebra Midge. This fly is mostly used when the air temperatures drop (Fall, Winter, and Spring) but can be used year round.

Here’s the way our teaching system works. First, you will watch an instructor tie one or two flies of the first pattern. Then you will begin tying the fly presented. An instructor will be close by to help you complete the fly. You will be given time to tie two or three of that pattern. After everyone is finished with that fly you will watch the instructor tie the next pattern. We have found this way to be helpful to different learning styles. We will also provide a cheat sheet for each pattern to help jog your memory.

We will furnish everything you will need for the course.

Cost of this course: $30

Class size: 5 students with 2 Instructors

Length: 3 hours

Minimum age: 12 years old with an adult accompanying them

Location: Mt Zion United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall

If you have any questions or want to reserve a spot contact us at 276-385-7474

2019 Class Dates

January 20 — Bass Flies